Featured Artist- Dustin Sypher with Tall Grass Forge

A Statement from Dustin:

In the years since I completed my undergraduate studies at the University of Kansas in Sculpture, I have steadily worked toward my dream of working in the arts through the medium of steel and iron using old blacksmithing methods. I also explore color, movement, organic, geometric, and figurative images on paper using pastels and pencils and in encaustics as well.
In the spring of 2004, I studied under Frank Turley in Santa Fe, NM. Not too long after that, I went to a Master Blacksmithing class in the Aspen Valley, in Carbondale, CO. It led to a job working on homes in the Aspen Valley. After working there for some time, I returned home to Kansas to pursue sculpture and blacksmithing. 
I was approached to do railings and a fence out of found objects for individuals and organizations, including Wichita Botanica. I continue to work with both found objects and traditional forging methods to make pieces for private, public, and gallery settings.
I enjoy the processes of fabricating, forging, and sculpting with emphasis in design details. I would like to contribute to the preservation of a lost art—forging metal. Everywhere I go, I see the necessity and practicality of art and design, and I have a strong desire to extend appreciation for the fundamental importance of the arts.